Netflix is now streaming “Masameer the Movie,” the first Saudi animation movie, which is based on the popular YouTube series produced by Myrkott. The film had a terrific run across international theaters, and Netflix is streaming the movie with subtitles in over 30 languages. The move to Netflix makes the “Masameer the Movie” available to more than 167M viewers in over 190 countries around the world.

The official description reads, “The Saudi animation sees ‘Dana’, a Saudi girl with a passion for robots and artificial intelligence, embark on a journey to create good in the world using robotics. Meanwhile, three friends: ‘Saad, Saltooh and Kalb’ hit rock bottom and go on a journey of their own to prove themselves to society by becoming crime-fighting superheroes.”

“Masameer the Movie” is directed by Malik Nejer and produced by Abdul Aziz AlMuzaini. The voice cast includess Abdulaziz AlShehri, Mazroa AlMazroa, Ibraheem AlKhairallah, Shahad AlAhmari, and Yusuf AlDakhil.

The animation studio behind “Masameer the Movie” is Myrkott, a Saudi animation studio based in Riyad, that produces animated movies and television programs. The studio has currently released a total of 120 episodes, notably including ones from Masameer, Yaarob, Arwa w Latifa, and America 101. “Masameer The Movie” is considered to be one of the most successful films at the Saudi Box Office to reach an international audience.

As for Netflix, the April schedule is coming up and viewers have “Nailed It: Season 3” on April 1st, followed by “Brew Brothers” on April 10th and “Outer Banks” on April 15th. “Fauda: Season 3” starts on April 16th, with “Too Hot to Handle” and “#BlackAF” launch on April 17th.

At the end of the month, look for the animated series “The Midnight Gospel,” “Absurd Planet,” “The House of Flowers: Season 3,” “After Life: Season 2,” “The Last Kingdom: Season 4,” “Never Have I Ever,” and “Nadiya’s Time to Eat.”

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