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Microsoft Released an Online COVID-19 Tracker

The CDC states that washing your hands for at least twenty-seconds and practicing safe social-distancing techniques are the two best ways that you can stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While you’re at home doing both of these things, you can also track the progress of the outbreak on your smartphone. To keep people informed, Microsoft introduced a live dashboard that tracks the COVID-19 virus worldwide; it’s not to alarm anyone, it’s solely for educational purposes.

Microsoft is aggregating the data for the dashboard from reliable sources, both domestically and internationally. These sources include the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and others. You can use the dashboard to monitor different countries, and you can check between Active, Recovered, and Fatal cases. The panel is easy to use, and you can cross-check any fake-news or social-media posts that may be trying to incite panic or downplay the events. The dashboard can also be used by researches, press, volunteers, and has many logistical uses.

At the time this article was written on Monday morning, there were almost 90,000 active cases worldwide, and almost 3,800 cases in the United States alone. You can also click on the United States dropdown menu on the left and get information about your specific state. You can also zoom in to different regions to get a better sense of the virus in and around your location.

Following the simple CDC guidelines can drastically decrease the spread of the virus, which keeps everyone safe. Avoid any public gatherings, work from home if you can, wash your hands frequently for at least twenty-seconds, and distance yourself from people as often as possible. The CDC says that you should be at least 6ft away from others as often as you can. You can find the online tracker right here on

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