Hulu’s Live TV is now Available on PS4

Sony and Hulu are ready to make nice now that the PlayStation Vue streaming service has ended. Hulu announced that Hulu + Live TV is available on the popular PlayStation 4 consoles, allowing players to stream their favorite shows, series, movies, and sports, right from their PS4.

According to the company’s announcement on Tuesday morning, PlayStation 4 users will now be able to subscribe to Hulu + Live TV, gaining access to both live and on-demand programming from channels such as ESPN, FOX, NBC, and ABC. This lets subscribers enjoy all their news, sports, and entertainment in one place. Current PlayStation 4 users who already have Hulu can easily switch to Hulu + Live TV through their account settings on Viewers who are already subscribed to Hulu + Live TV will also now be able to access and watch live channels through the Hulu app on PlayStation 4.

The PS4 is one of the last platforms to support Hulu + Live TV. The service is already supported by Apple TV (4th generation), Amazon Fire TV devices, Amazon’s Echo Show, Roku devices, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS and Android mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, select LG and Samsung TVs, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, Windows 10, Mac and PC browsers, and Chromecast. Still, it’s always nice when your devices support your subscriptions. Now players can quickly jump into a show or movie without having to change inputs, or even put down the controller.

The Hulu premiere schedule in March includes “Breeders” and the “Real Housewives of NYC: Season 11” on March 3rd, followed by the series premiere of “Devs” and “DAVE” on March 5th. On March 6th, look for the premiere of “Hillary: Documentary,” “Into the Dark: Crawlers,” “Cake: Season 2,” and “Better Things: Season 4.” The documentary “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” premieres on March 7th.

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