Bungie finally confirmed that Trials of Osiris is returning to “Destiny 2” as part of the ‘Season of the Worthy’. The big event is scheduled to begin on March 13th, so make sure to set a reminder if you’re a fan of the game-mode. The 3v3 pinnacle PvP mode returns with fan-favorite armors, weapons, and maps from the original “Destiny,” such as Cauldron, Exodus Blue, and Anomaly.

“We kept hearing the players talking about it, we were also feeling it amongst ourselves, I can’t wait to bring back a version of the Trials that I actually remembered from Destiny 1” has explained Justin Truman, Production director at Bungie.

The publisher released an announcement video on social media to get fans excited for the start of the trials. The video’s description reads, “Destiny’s infamous 3v3 pinnacle PvP activity is returning in Season of the Worthy. The developers at Bungie discuss the significance of its return and what to expect on your quest to the Lighthouse. Favorite maps and armor return as the level of competition rises to a new height.”

Over the last few weeks, “Destiny 2” players have been donating billions of Polarized Fractaline at the Tower to complete the community project in Season of Dawn. The task is finally complete, and the Empyrean Foundation is finally over.

If you’re new to “Destiny 2,” the Trials of Osiris is a weekend event that takes place in the PvP mode. Two teams of three Guardians faceoff against each other, trying to score the highest number of cumulative wins, before losing three matches. The more wins you get before getting knocked out, grants you better loot. You’ll have to pair up with two other Guardians to enter, so get on your clan’s Discord or hit the Fireteam search online.

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