Eli Roth has joined the “Borderlands” adaptation at Lionsgate Studios. The project has actually been in the works for almost five years at this point, but it looks like things are starting to fall into place. The movie is an adaptation of the looter-shooter video game franchise from 2K Games and Gearbox Studios, and most of the story takes place on the sci-fi world of Pandora.

If everything goes according to plan, the movie should be moving into production later this year. There are no casting announcements at this time, but those details should be revealed over the next few months. Avi and Ari Arad were attached to produce the movie back in 2015, and Erik Feig will also serve as a producers on the project. While the script has gone through several rewrites, “Chernobyl” writer Craig Mazin worked on the latest draft. “Chernobyl” was an instant hit with Emmy voters in 2019, so fans of the franchise should be in good hands. Randy Pitchford, the founder of Gearbox Software, will serve as executive producer on the series with Strauss Zelnick, chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive.

The “Borderlands” video game franchise launched back in 2009 and quickly became a fan-favorite in the looter-shooter genre. The game featured an open-wold setting and an almost unlimited number of weapons to collect while roaming the planet. The game also utilized a cell-shading art style, which helped it stand apart from other shooters on the market. “Borderlands 2” released in 2012, and the main story went back in time for a prequel called “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel” in 2014. The most recent release was “Borderlands 3” which launched in September 2019. During the seven-year delay between “Borderlands: 2” and “Borderlands 3,” the franchise experimented with a few spinoff series. “Borderlands: Legends” was an iOS game that launched in 2012, and “Tales from the Borderlands” was an episodic installment made with Telltale Games. There was also “Borderlands: Online,” an online shooter for PC and mobile devices that only launched in China.

Roth worked on “Knock, Knock,” “Cabin Fever,” “The Green Inferno,” and “Hostel,” but he took a break from his usual R-rated style to direct the more family-friendly “The House with a Clock in its Walls” in 2018.

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