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Logitech Gaming Mice and Blue Yeti Mics Get a Big Discount Today

Amazon is hosting another Logitech sale today, and you can save a lot of money on everything from Blue Yeti mics, to speakers, to gaming mice. These Logitech collection deals aren’t exactly rare, they usually happen every few months, but it is unusual to see such a wide array of devices.

You can find the complete collection right here on Amazon, while supplies last.

The Blue Yeti mics are a favorite among podcasters, streamers, and players. Usually $130 each, you can choose between the gold, white, black, grey, and copper options for just $89 while supplies last. Not only are they great mics in general, but their popularity means that a long list of third-party manufacturers has made accessories that are compatible with them. You won’t have any issues finding mounting arms, stands, shock rings, pop-covers, or other accessories if you plan to upgrade later on.

You can also save money on speakers, like the terrific Logitech MX Sound Stereo speakers. Those are half-off today, and you grab the set for just $49 instead of the regular $99 MSRP. If you’re looking for something a little bigger, you can get the Z606 with 5.1 Surround Sound, or the Z323 system with Subwoofer, each under $60 while supplies last.

The gaming mice on offer include the G602, the G502, the G203, and the G402. The G-Series are fully customizable through Logitech’s software, and their uses range from standard mice to FPS games to MMOs, depending on how many buttons you need. They are all popular options, and have great reviews.

These deals are part of Amazon’s Deal of the Day promotion, so you’ll have to grab them while they are on sale, before they go back to their regular MSRPs. The promotions could change throughout the day, and some of the deals might sell out before the promotion is over.

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