Netflix’s Valentine’s Day treat for everyone was a teaser for “Stranger Things 4,” which doesn’t waste any time in revealing Hopper’s fate from the previous season. The new video takes us from Hawkins, Indiana to snow-filled Russia, and it turns out that Hopper isn’t dead, he’s just stuck in a Russian prison.

The teaser trailer is called “From Russia With Love,” and it basically serves as a way to confirm Hop’s fate from Season 3, which was alluded to in the final scene. The creators stated that Hopper is imprisoned in Kamchatka, and he will have to battle both humans and monsters in the new season. “Stranger Things 3” took place in 1985, once again in Hawkins, Indiana. Netflix broke with tradition and released the season in the Summer over the July 4th weekend, which was the same time-period as the show. The characters celebrated the holiday, as well as the opening of a brand new mall, and the town was once again threatened by Russians and monsters.

Netflix stopped short of announcing a premiere window for “Stranger Things 4,” so fans will have to be happy with the teaser trailer for the time being. The video streaming service will probably release several trailers leading up to the big premiere, and we will have to wait find out what’s happening with the gang back in the United States.

Recent releases on Netflix include “Locke & Key: Season 1” and Alison Brie’s “Horse Girl.” The big release for the Valentine’s Day weekend was “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” as well as “Love is Blind” and “Narcos: Mexico.” Over the weekend, you can binge through “Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon” on February 14th, “Gentefied” on February 21st, “I am not OK with This” on February 26th, “Altered Carbon: Season 2” on February 27th, and Elle Fanning’s “All the Bright Places” on February 28th.

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