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Microsoft Edge Chromium Version is now Available to Download

In 2019 Microsoft announced plans to relaunch it’s Microsoft Edge browser as a Chromium open source project. While that means better features, more stability, and possibly a better user experience, most of the internet shivered at the idea that Google now had its mark on another competitor’s browser. However you feel about it, the Microsoft Edge browser is now available to download, and Microsoft has a brand-new icon to look at and new features to test out.

You can download the newest Microsoft Edge browser on all supported versions of Windows, as well as macOS. If you prefer a seamless and connected experience across devices, you can download the iOS and Android versions of Microsoft Edge as well. Microsoft claims that the browser will offer better performance and more privacy, but we’ll know after a few weeks how those claims stack-up in the real world. On a blog post earlier today, Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Windows, said, “Our new browser also comes with our Privacy Promise and we can’t wait for you to try new features like tracking prevention, which is on by default, and provides three levels of control while you browse.”

You’ll find new features tucked away in the settings, like a new customizable tab page, AAD support, an Internet Explorer mode, 4K streaming, Dolby audio support, enhanced PDF support, and support for all the Chrome-based extensions that you might love. The new version of the Microsoft Edge browser will part of your regular Windows 10 updates, but you can force the download by visiting If you are currently using Microsoft Edge as your browser, your passwords and favorites will be imported when you update to the Chromium version.

Since Microsoft has nothing to lose if it chooses to block trackers or privacy encroaching scripts from Google, it would make sense that the browser could be a more private alternative than the standard Google Chrome browser. Microsoft could also tweak a few of the settings to allow Microsoft Edge to consume less RAM than Chrome, or limit its processes to conserve battery life on mobile or portable devices. Over the next few weeks the world will be testing the limits of Microsoft Edge, and security firms and whitehats will be hard at work looking for any cracks in the system. If you want to rid yourself of Google Chrome, or any Chromium project, you can always jump to Firefox or Safari.

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