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Kindle Paperwhite and Apple Airpods Return to Black Friday Prices

If you missed out on Amazon’s Black Friday Deals on Kindles, you have another chance to save a lot of money. The online retailer is offering up to $50 off the Kindle Paperwhite for a limited time, and $30 off on the Kindle. Amazon also has a great promotion on Apple Airpods today, and you can pick up a pair for about $130 while supplies last.

The Kindle Paperwhite is the company’s best-selling e-reader. You can save $45 on the Kindle Paperwhite 8GB with special offers, and $50 off the 32GB model with special offers during the promotion. The model comes in either Black or Twilight Blue and features a flush-front design with a 300 ppi glare-free display. The big selling point is that the Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof, so you can take the device from the bath to the pool without worry. The new model also offers Bluetooth pairing, and a single battery charge lasts for weeks, not hours. The Kindle Paperwhite also offers a much better screen than the traditional Kindle. If you would like the regular Kindle, the standard model offers 4GB storage and features a 167 ppi screen. This model also offers Bluetooth pairing, but it’s not waterproof like the Kindle Paperwhite. You can compare the two models and pick up the promotion right here on Amazon.

Another great promotion is the Apple Airpods with Charging Case for $129, or $30 off the regular price. These aren’t the new Airpods PRO, which cost over $240, these are the standard Apple Airpods. They feature Apple’s auto-on and auto-connect feature, access to Siri, touch controls for playback, and the case can be charged using the Lightning connector. Amazon didn’t state how long this promotion will last, so you might want to hurry and grab a pair while it’s still going. You can find the official product page right here on Amazon.

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