Wacom introduced the Wacom One at CES this year. The new device is a 13″ pen display, designed for artists starting out in the digital space, or anyone that wants to upgrade their basic gear. The company said that the Wacom One was designed for “beginning artists wanting to work with digital media, visual thinkers who combine handwritten and drawn communication in their daily activities, and social media content creators needing to artistically enhance photos or video to develop engaging posts.” The product stands as an affordable option for entry-level shoppers and budding artists, and the new device is already on the market.

The Wacom One is compatible with Mac, Windows, and select Android operating systems. The drawing tablet allows users to upgrade their existing computer and phone to a pen-enabled configuration, including all of the new pen-related features in Microsoft Office. Wacom also stated that the Wacom One will offer compatibility with several pens from leading manufacturers, giving users a choice of their favorite brand and style of pen for drawing and writing. New digital pens from Lamy, Samsung, and STAEDTLER are a few examples that will work seamlessly with the new Wacom One display, but there are many more options available. At $399, the Wacom One isn’t the least expensive option on the market, but working within the Wacom ecosystem does have its advantages.

“Whether drawing, editing images or developing and communicating ideas, Wacom One offers all the essentials to put beginning creatives and creators on a path toward discovering the joy of creating directly on screen,” said Faik Karaoglu, Executive Vice President of Wacom’s Creative Business Unit. “The product’s features, bundled software options and attractive price will allow a new wave of digital artists, makers, social media content creators, photographers, students, educators and business people to express themselves artistically and make the world a more creative place.”

The company claimed that the screen’s pressure-sensitive pen delivers “accurate and precise pen and brush strokes,” and its EMR (Electro Magnetic Resonance) pen technology does not require a pen battery or recharge. The Wacom One lets you work on a 1920 x 1080 full HD display, and that display offers 72 percent NTSC color. A Wacom One purchase entitles users to an inspirational software bundle, including a copy of Clip Studio Paint Pro from Celsys, with up to six months of free use. Clip Studio Paint is a drawing application useful for comics, manga, and a range of visual mediums. Wacom’s Bamboo Paper, also included, is an ideal application for note-taking and sketching. Additionally, users will appreciate all the pen enabled features found within the Windows 10 and Mac operating systems.

You can find the Wacom One right here on Amazon.

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