If you’re in a Star Wars slump now that you’ve watched “The Mandalorian” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” don’t forget that “Star Wars: The Clone Wars Final Season” is coming to Disney+. The streaming service confirmed that the final twelve all-new episodes will launch on Disney+ starting on February 21st, and the platform released a trailer to get fans excited for the big premiere.

The original show launched back in 2008 and ran through 2013. The animated series quickly became a fan-favorite, and introduced several major characters to the new Star Wars franchise. The series is part of the new Disney canon, and it does a fantastic job at filling in character’s histories and crucial events spawned from, or not included, in the movies. The original series took place during the Prequels time-frame, with a young Anakin still studying with a younger Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“The Clone Wars” comes from Dave Filoni, director and executive producer of “The Mandalorian.” Disney explained that the new Clone Wars episodes will continue the storylines introduced in the original series, exploring the events leading up to “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.” Created by George Lucas, with Dave Filoni as Executive Producer/Supervising Director, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” stars Matt Lanter as “Anakin Skywalker,” Ashley Eckstein as “Ahsoka Tano,” Dee Bradley Baker as “Captain Rex” and the clone troopers, James Arnold Taylor as “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Katee Sackhoff as “Bo-Katan,” and Sam Witwer as “Maul.”

Star Wars fans also have the live-action “Obi-Wan Kenobi” coming sometime in the future, which is bringing back Ewan McGregor. Disney+ will also host a new Cassian Andor series, which will also be live action, but the company hasn’t disclosed any details on the two shows. Until then, you have “The Clone Wars” episodes to fill your Star Wars needs. Disney released the new series trailer on social media on Wednesday morning, telling fans, “Witness the end of the groundbreaking series.”

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