Warner Bros. Pictures set a few release dates on Wednesday afternoon. The two big movies on the list are “The Matrix 4” and “The Flash” movie, with “Akira” and “Mortal Kombat” changing dates. The 2021 release dates could move around some more as we get closer to the new year, but as for now, Warner Bros. seems happy with taking on several big projects from the other studios.

The Matrix 4” is now set for May 21, 2021, hoping to catch some of the Keanu Reeves buzz from “John Wick: Chapter 4,” which is opening that same weekend. “The Matrix 4” took the spot that belonged to “Akira,” which is the live-action adaptation of the legendary manga comic with Taika Waititi. No word yet on when that project will be re-added to the list. May is already a busy month at the box office that year, with Marvel’s “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” releasing at the start of the month, and Disney’s “Cruella” opening on May 28th. With two massive Keanu Reeves films releasing on the same weekend, the theaters may not have enough screens, and one of the movies might have to move.

Warner Bros. gave “The Flash” a July 1, 2021 premiere date, which puts the film up against the animated-comedy “Sing 2” from Universal Pictures. The other big releases planned for that month include the untitled Indiana Jones movie, “Space Jam 2” with Lebron James, a Spider-Man sequel from Sony Pictures, and “Mission Impossible 7.” Disney also has July 30th reserved for a live-action movie, but no details have been given at this time.

Earlier this week, the studio set a September 11, 2020 release date for “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” the next installment in the popular horror franchise. Warner Bros. also moved the “Mortal Kombat” reboot from March 2021, to January 15th. Blumhouse has an untitled movie set to release on January 8th that year, but January is still open to more releases.

The more recent release dates in 2020 include Ben Affleck’s “The Way Back” on March 6th, the animated-comedy “Scoob” on May 15th, “Wonder Woman 1984” on June 5th, “Tenet” on July 17th, “The Witches” on October 9th, “Godzilla vs Kong” on November 11th, and the “Dune” reboot on December 18th.

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