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Amazon Offers Nintendo Switch with $30 Gift Card

There is an interesting Nintendo Switch Deal happening on Amazon right now, giving shoppers an option to grab $30 in credit with a new Nintendo Switch console. The deal is one of several on the site, but this is the newest, and best bundle, if you’re looking to buy or gift a Nintendo Swtich this holiday season.

To claim the newest offer, you have to choose the standard console option, located right here on Amazon, which comes with the Red/Blue or Gray Joy-Cons. Then enter the discount code D3E2CDJ6GB6S at checkout. You will see the code under the listing price if you have the correct option (called console) selected on the product page. After checkout, you’ll get an email from Amazon within 35 days with confirmation that the $30 credit has been added to your account. If you shop on Amazon frequently, that credit will probably come in handy in no time, and you just saved $30.

If you are gifting the console, you might want to choose the Console w/ $25 Amazon Gift Card bundle. That way, you can gift the console, and the person can use the gift card for a cool case or put it towards a new game. According to Amazon, the included Gift Card is affixed inside a mini envelope, that opens flat to display the gift card in the center. So you don’t have to worry about two shipments, or getting both in time. They come together. There’s also the Console w/ 128GB Memory Card, 256GB Memory Card, and 64GB options. I wouldn’t recommend those bundles, because the microSD cards go on sale so frequently, that you can usually find a better deal just by shopping microSDs on Amazon and adding one to your cart.

If you rather grab the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is the same as the Nintendo Switch except for the fact that the joycons don’t detach, those are on sale for $199. You can find Memory Card bundles with these models as well, but again, I would recommend you just buy the console and search microSDs on Amazon to find the best price.

Amazon doesn’t like to disclose how long these sales will last, but the holidays are only a couple of weeks away at this point. If you’re in the market, this new deal rivals the Black Friday option, and it seems unlikely that the price will get any better.

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