The hands-down breakaway star of Disney’s The Mandalorian is the character that fans have adopted as baby Yoda. Just like the titular Mandalorian, baby Yoda doesn’t say much on the show, but his little tea-sipping face has found its way into the hearts of millions. The downside of Disney keeping the tiny green creature a secret is that merch wasn’t made ahead of the reveal, and now everyone has baby Yoda fever. With no stickers or plush toys to buy, third-party sellers started making their own baby yoda merch to fill the void, and there is a lot of it on Amazon.

You can find dozens of baby Yoda merch on Amazon right now. There are stickers, t-shirts, mugs, phone holders, puzzles, plush toys, and other items on sale, and non of it seems officially licensed by Disney.

If you’re against such knockoffs, Disney has announced a baby Yoda plush toy (shown above), which is an official baby Yoda plush toy. If you want to grab one, you have to pre-order the 11-inch toy from Mattel from the Disney Store, and it costs $24.99. Here’s the bad news, the toy won’t be on shelves until April 1, 2020, which is probably a little late if you were hoping to gift one for the holiday. The Force is strong, but often late to the party.

As for everyone else, there’s no telling when Disney or Amazon will bring the ban-hammer down on the unofficial merch on the site. The third-party gear could be considered great marketing for the Disney+ series, and there isn’t any Disney merchandise available right now to compete with the items. Still, if you did want to surprise someone with an adorable car sticker or shirt, you should do it now before it’s gone.

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