In what can only be described as an assault on good cheer, Netflix isn’t going to make “MST3K: Season 3.” The show is a continuation of “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” which ran between 1988 and 1999, and the reboot is coming to an end on Netflix after just two seasons.

Jonah Ray confirmed the cancellation on social media, telling fans, “So, Netflix decided to not do another season of MST3K. We are off to Get Down in Lilyhammer while the OA helps us take it One Day At A Time. We will be in group therapy with Tuca & Bertie, Jessica Jones, & Lady Dynamite. The sessions will be run by Gypsy (w/ Naomi Watts).” On a sincere note, Jonah told fans, “So, Thank you Joel & especially all the MSTies who embraced me as a mug in a (yellow) jumpsuit. I know it wasn’t easy accepting a new guy, so I appreciate the warmth.”

If you enjoyed the show as I did, there’s still a lot of MST3K out there to watch on Netflix and Prime Video. You can also catch up with Rifftrax, which is basically the same thing with original stars Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy.

It’s pretty bad timing for the announcement, as Thanksgiving is a special holiday for MST3K fans. The original show would run Turkey Day marathons over Thanksgiving break, and instead of football, fans would watch hours of “Mitchell” and Hercules all weekend long. You can still watch older episodes of MST3K and Rifftrax on the free streaming platform PlutoTV, which also has an App, on channels 385 and 389, respectively. That platform is ad-supported but free to stream. That should help you get through the Thanksgiving break, and soften the blow from Netflix.

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