Netflix is interrupting your holiday schedule of cheer and eggnog with a vampire series called “V Wars,” starring Ian Somerhalder, Adrian Holmes, Jacky Lai, Peter Outerbridge, Kyle Breitkopf, Laura Vandervoot, and Kimberly-Sue Murray. “V Wars” is set to premiere on Netflix on December 5th, and fans of the genre will get 10 new episodes in the show’s first season. Netflix also released a first look trailer for “V Wars,” and you can watch that promotional video below.

The official description reads, “Dr. Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder) enters a world of untold horror when a mysterious disease transforms his best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), into a murderous predator who feeds on other humans. As the disease spreads and more people are transformed, society fractures into opposing camps pitting normal people against the growing number of these “vampires.” Swann races against time to understand what’s happening, while Fayne rises to become the powerful underground leader of the vampires.”

William Laurin and Glenn Davis serve as showrunners on the series, with Brad Turner, TJ Scott, Kaare Andrews, Marita Grabiak, Bobby Roth, and Ian Somerhalder directing different episodes. William Laurin, Glenn Davis, Brad Turner, Eric Birnberg, Thomas Walden, James Gibb, Ian Somerhalder, Lydia Antonini, Matthew McCluggage, Paul Harb, Ted Adams, and Jonathan Maberry serve as executive producers, with High Park Entertainment in association with IDW Entertainment producing the project.

If you’re looking to escape the holiday programming slate this year, December has several projects scheduled to debut. Other Netfilx releases in December include Ryan Reynolds’ “6 Underground,” “The Two Popes,” and “Lost in Space: Season 2.” Netflix has several other big projects scheduled to release over the next few months, like “The Witcher” adaptation, “Green Eggs and Ham,” ” Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings,” and “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.”

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