The E! Network is launching a new celebrity interview series called “In The Room,” and Jason Kennedy will host the show. The network explained that the series will take viewers inside celebrity homes for in-depth interviews and conversations around their latest projects, products, passions, and more. It sounds a lot like the old MTV Cribs show, just aimed at an adult audience and with fewer insert shots of celebrities’ fridges. The network hasn’t announced all of the celebrity interviews, but Season 1 is starting with a Tom Brady interview.

To get the show started, E! is hosting several primetime specials before the show’s full launch in early 2020. The first of these specials airs on December 4th and features Kennedy in a rare sit down with four-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. In this all-new interview, the New England Patriots quarterback opens up about his family and wife, environmentalist and supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, how his on-field success has brought on a different level of scrutiny, and why he’d rather not be called the “G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)”, despite being the winningest QB in NFL history. Maybe Kennedy will get to the bottom of Brady’s support of all-things Trump over these last 5 years.

“As a skilled interviewer with deep-rooted relationships in the entertainment industry, we’re excited to have Jason Kennedy continue in this role as host of E! ‘s new series ‘In the Room,'” said Tammy Filler, Executive Vice President & Editor-In-Chief, E! News. “With a well-respected journalist like Jason at the helm, this show will fill a void in the marketplace giving an unfiltered in-depth look into celebrities’ lives that viewers can’t get anywhere else.”

The network didn’t announce the names of the other celebrity interview it has on the schedule, so fans will have stay tuned to see which celebs will be inviting Kennedy into their homes for the evening. E! did release a promotional video for the Tom Brady interview, which you can watch below.

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