Amazon cut $30 off the Echo Show 8 ahead of its launch. Scheduled to ship on November 21st, this new Echo Show model features an 8″ HD screen and stereo sound, and you can order one now and save some money. The deal is most likely a limited time promotion, so you’ll have to order fast if you don’t want to pay regular price. Echo devices usually make the top ten list on Amazon’s wish-list each year, and they can be perfect gifts for new home owners, new parents, grandparents, and teens.

If you’re new to the Echo Show, the device can play TV shows, movies, or show you the news in the morning before you head out the door. It’s also a great option if you like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, or even the radio. A lot of people like to use the Echo Show for video calling, and you can call anyone that has the Alexa app or another Echo Show device. You can also use the Echo Show to make announcements or talk to someone in another room that has an Echo device.

The big draw of the screen, other than TV shows and movies, is using the Echo Show to control your smart home. You can use the screen to show you security cameras, control the lights in your home with a nice UI, and adjust thermostats that are Alexa compatible. There are also a wide array of Alexa skills that let you play simple games, like trivia or flashcards. The home screen is customizable, and you can show pictures from your collection, or the weather for quick-glance updates. This model is perfect for would-be chefs, with step-by-step recipes and integration with other cooking apps. If you’re worried about privacy, you can electronically disconnect the microphones and camera with one press of a button. There’s even built-in slide shutter that covers the camera.

You can find the Echo Show 8 right here on Amazon, and you can choose between the white or charcoal option. If you’re looking for an Echo Device this year, you can read our Amazon Echo Buying Guide to find the perfect option to give or get.

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