Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally have a new podcast coming to your favorite podcast app called “In Bed with Nick & Megan.” The podcast is hosted by the husband-and-wife duo and is scheduled to release on December 2nd.

For a little history, Megan and Nick have been a couple for 20 years, and have appeared in several projects together on both stage and screen. They will be recording each episode from their bed while snuggling with their famous friends and talking about their lives and what they have learned together. Guests include Bill Hader, Retta, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, Lisa Kudrow, Nick Kroll and more.

“In Bed with Nick & Megan” premieres December 2nd on Stitcher’s comedy network, Earwolf, which is home to other podcasts like “Office Ladies,” “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness,” “How Did This Get Made?” and “Comedy Bang! Bang!” It will also be available on other platforms, and we dropped the links below.

In the announcement, Nick and Megan wrote, “We have been together for twenty years now, and we’ve really seen some good times, mainly the whole run except that thing Nick had in 2009 that turned out to be an arm goiter? But otherwise, we have seen all of our dreams come true, again and again. Romantically, professionally, and on the links, our wedded bliss has been frankly an embarrassment of triumphs. It’s like we can’t lose.” They added, “Except for this one goddamn thing. We have always wanted to do an ad for Squarespace. There’s just something about their campaigns, the talent they get to do the extended reads…they just have their finger on the pulse of, like, the good jazz, you know? So we called up Scotty Aukerman over at the ‘Wolf, and said, “hey big dog, what say you hook us up with some of your sweet Squarespace action? We know you’re holdin’.” He said, “look, Megan, and I assume that’s Nick I can hear breathing, I can get you the reads, the good long reads, with positive product mentions, but I’m gonna need youse two to pay the piper first. You do me a podcast, whatever bull crap you like, and I’ll talk to the Squarespacers. So, he said jump and we jumped. We still haven’t heard from Squarespace but one of these days they’ll get right with us and then baby, get outta the way because we’ll be on a rocket ship to Mars, and that is a euphemism.”

You can subscribe now on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and anywhere podcasts are available.

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