Razer is now selling the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds. The new device utilizes customized Bluetooth 5.0 to deliver ultra-low latency, high-quality audio, and the new device offers an extended battery life. The new earbuds are marketed towards mobile gamers and everyone that loves to stream video on their mobile devices (so basically everyone).

Razer claims that the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds are designed for “immersive audio for games, movies and music, without the annoying lag, stutter and desynching that plagues other Bluetooth devices.” Using a customized ultra-low latency Bluetooth 5.0 connection, the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless delivers “crisp, clear audio with a Gaming Mode reducing latency to just 60ms,” according to the company.

“The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds are the perfect wireless audio solution for mobile users,” says Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s peripherals business unit. “Users will have rich, immersive lag-free sound for their movies, music and gaming, without wires to get tangled or snagged as they go.”

You can find them for sale right here on Amazon.

The small form factor holds a 13mm driver, which offers a 20-20kHz frequency response. The ultra-low latency Gaming Mode ensures that the users’ sound and video stay perfectly synched. Razer also stated that the Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds have a 3-hour battery life, with up to 4 charges from the included battery/carry case. A fully charged case and earbuds will keep you going for about 15 hours. Charged via USB-C, the carry case is perfect for storing the Hammerhead True Wireless and will automatically charge the earbuds when not in use.

The company’s mobile app allows users to pair and customize the Hammerhead True Wireless earbud, change the voice prompt language or learn to use touch gestures. Once paired, the Hammerhead True Wireless will automatically connect to the paired device each time they are taken from the case. Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 auto pairing, touch controls and voice assistant compatibility, the Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds are also IPX4 rated for sweat/splash protection.

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