This holiday season, Lifetime is premiering almost 30 original films during the network’s “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” programming event, and I’m going all-in on the merrymaking. Together, with my co-host Meggie Cramer, we are hosting a new Podcast called ‘Binging Xmas,” and we plan to countdown to the holiday by binging through all of the new Lifetime originals. The first film on the slate debuts on the network on October 25th, and it’s called “Sweet Mountain Christmas,” and we are very excited to get started. In each episode, Meggie and I will relive our favorite moments, and discuss the tropes, treasures, and holiday lessons that we observed in the latest Lifetime masterpiece. We would love for you to join us on our adventure, and enjoy these movies with us as we stream our way through the holiday season.

Few things in life pair as wonderfully as Lifetime holiday specials and wine, and we are excited to share in your guilty pleasure this year with over two dozen instant holiday classics. New episodes of the Podcast will drop 1-3 days after each movie premieres on Lifetime, so viewers have a chance to catch up before we dive into the details. We will offer a recap and a rundown of each movie during the episode, so even if you skip one, you can still follow along. This isn’t a snarky tear-down of these holiday favorites, but a celebration of the warm cheesy goodness that’s included in these fantastic holiday movies. We love it all, from the characters named Noel to love-at-first clumsy meetings. Each week we will discuss the romance, the serendipitous encounters, the production quality of the movie, and we will question if the main character was better off before her holiday miracle. Luckily, we are starting with a pretty great movie.

You can find the Binging Xmas right here on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

The official description for “Sweet Mountain Christmas” reads, “Country music star Laney Blu (Megan Hilty) hasn’t been back to her Tennessee hometown in years. It wasn’t the kindest place to grow up, so when her career skyrocketed at seventeen she was happy to leave it behind. Though she’s set to headline a Christmas concert in NYC, Laney decides to make a quick pit-stop to see her family. When a freak snowstorm hits, she finds herself stranded in the town, and is roped into taking part in a local Christmas concert. As Laney spends more time in her hometown, it becomes less and less like she remembered it. She begins to fall in the love with the people, place and just maybe, a handsome snowplow driver named Robbie (Marcus Rosner). ”

You can find Binging Xmas at the links above, and you can follow us on Social Media to let us know your favorite moments from each movie so we can discuss them on the episode. We just launched the social media sites, @BingingXmas on Twitter, and @BingingXmas on Facebook. We can’t wait to get started and would love to hear your comments about the movies.

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