Netflix released a trailer for the animated drama “I Lost My Body,” which is based on the novel “Happy Hand” by Academy Award nominee Guillaume Laurant. The movie is coming to select theaters on November 15th, but will also release on Netflix on November 29th.

The official description reads, “In a Parisian laboratory, a severed hand escapes its unhappy fate and sets out to reconnect with its body.” Netflix continues, “During a hair-raising escapade across the city, the extremity fends off pigeons and rats alike to reunite with pizza boy Naoufel. Its memories of Naoufel and his love for librarian Gabrielle may provide answers about what caused the hand’s separation, and a poetic backdrop for a possible reunion between the three.”

If you’re a fan of genre-bending, you might also like “Undone” on Prime Video. The series is from Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg, and features rotoscope animation. That series chronicles a young woman’s complex journey to unlock her past and solve the mystery of her father’s death. Amazon described the series saying, “Alma Winograd-Diaz (Rosa Salazar) takes her mundane life one day at a time until a near-fatal accident induces visions of her late-father, Jacob (Bob Odenkirk).” Amazon continued, “Through these persistent visions he urges her to tap into a mysterious ability that allows her to travel through space and time with the hopes of preventing his untimely death. This quest challenges Alma’s relationships and brings into question her mental well-being with those closest to her.”

You can find the trailer for “I Lost My Body” below, and you can watch “Undone” for free if you are an Amazon Prime Member right here on Prime Video.

Check your local listings if you want to see “I Lost My Body” in theaters, or set a reminder to catch the movie on Netflix in late November.

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