Part two of “Light as a Feather” premieres on October 4th, and Hulu released another trailer to tease the new episodes. The platform released the video on social media, telling fans, “They thought the game was over…they were wrong.” In the new season, the friends gather again to play a new round of “Light as a Feather,” and once again they are all in danger. McKenna thinks that they might be done with the curse, but the others aren’t so sure. The show quickly became a hit on Hulu and featured Liana Liberato, Haley Ramm, Ajiona Alexus, Brianne Tju, Peyton List, Dylan Sprayberry, Jordan Rodrigues, and Brent Rivera.

In “Light As A Feather: Part One,” the girls play “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board,” but the five teen girls who played start dying off in the exact way that was predicted. The survivors raced to figure out why they’re being targeted, and whether the evil force hunting them down is one of their own. In the second season, the group inherits the curse brought on by the lethal game. McKenna is plagued by mysterious chrysalis on her back, and something is compelling her to play the game again. McKenna tries to resist the urge to play the game again, hoping to keep everyone safe. The evil curse starts to destroy her from the inside out, and she’s forced to turn to Violet for help.

“Light as a Feather” starts a full month of new content on Hulu. The streaming service is also releasing “Letterkenny: Season 7,” the “Looking for Alaska” adaptation, and “Castle Rock: Season 2.” In November, the new series “Dollface” airs on the platform, followed by “Reprisal,” and “Marvel’s Runaways: Season 3” in December.

All of the streaming services are offering Halloween-themed content throughout October. Freeform detailed the network’s popular “31 Nights of Haloween” programming slate and IMDb TV added a long list of horror movies that you can stream for free throughout the month. Netflix is launching Stephen King’s “In the Tall Grass,” and “Raising Dion” if you’re a subscriber.

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