New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow, and YouTube is launching to celebrate with fans and artists. The new destination focuses on original content and highlights the biggest names in the industry while showcasing up-and-coming artists and creators. The company said that the new fashion hub will feature “fashion and beauty creators, industry professionals, publishers, and luxury fashion brands.” There’s a lot of content to be made, and a lot of ads to show.

The announcement was made on Thursday morning, on New York Fashion Week Eve, by Derek Blasberg, Director of YouTube Fashion and Beauty. In a letter to readers Derek said, “When I joined YouTube a little more than a year ago, I immediately saw the platform’s insatiable desire for more fashion and beauty! And the data backs it up: From 2014 to 2018, the number of Fashion & Beauty channels on YouTube has grown over 6x, generating billions of views in the last year alone.”

At the forefront of the hub will be the YouTube Creators, who are the bread-and-butter of YouTube and its ad network. A featured section on the site will be dedicated to the shows, rehearsals, interviews, and vlogs that they attend or create. Beauty and Fashion creators will be featured in the Fashion hub, working together as they always have in the past.

The other side of the hub is the collaborations between creators and brands. YouTube’s /Fashion hub gives creators a chance to leverage their YouTube popularity for endorsements, sponsorships, and ads. YouTube will also be livestreaming the latest collections from the runway, giving viewers a chance to see everything that NYFW has to offer.

Derel Blesberg added, “Our goal is to make a diverse and inclusive place, filled with the latest fashion and beauty trends, content and more. We’ll be working over the coming months to bring more international voices to the page and to localize for global markets. We can’t wait for you to explore our new offering, get inspired by all the great content, and share your favorites with friends. Be sure to come back often, as we have a lot more to come!”

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