The rumors were true, and “Overwatch” is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 15th. With over 40M players around the world, the popular team-based FPS is adding Nintendo Switch users to the fold. The game will be available through the “Overwatch Legendary Edition,” and you don’t even have to wait that long to play it. Nintendo Switch users will get to choose between all 31 heroes, and they will have access to both the casual and competitive multiplayer modes across the 28 locations. The game will also support the Nintendo’s gyroscopic motion controls, though we will have to test them out before giving then our full support.

“Overwatch brings players together to cooperate and compete in a bright and optimistic vision of the future, and we’re looking forward to welcoming Nintendo Switch gamers into the fun,” said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “The Legendary Edition includes more than three years’ worth of content updates and gameplay enhancements, and we’re excited to team up with Nintendo to provide players with new ways to enjoy the full Overwatch experience—including on the go.”

According to Nintendo, the “Overwatch Legendary Edition” for Nintendo Switch will be available in a boxed version (containing a code to download the game) and digital version via the Nintendo eShop for a suggested price of $39. The company stated that both versions come with 15 bonus skins for a range of heroes, as well as a three-month Nintendo Switch Online individual membership.

As an added bonus, players who pre-purchase the “Overwatch Legendary Edition” by the October 15th launch will also receive the Noire skin for elite Talon operative Widowmaker. Nintendo Switch players who log in to Overwatch by December 31st, 2019 will receive a bonus Golden Loot Box containing at least one guaranteed Legendary item.

The announcement was part of Nintendo’s “Nintendo Direct” presentation, which you can watch below.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is also now available right here on Amazon for the lower price of $199. So it’s a pretty great time to jump into the console and catch up on the games.

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