The new Roku Smart Soundbar and Roku Wireless Subwoofer are shipping this fall, allowing users to upgrade their sound without a lot of wires or fuss. All you need for the soundbar is an HDMI wire, and you can choose to add the optional Roku Wireless Subwoofer to improve your TV or movie watching experience. Shoppers can pre-order both products from starting today for $179 each.

“We’ve been very successful in delivering best-in-class streaming experiences to our customers and we’re constantly innovating in order to deliver on our promise of making TV better,” said Mark Ely, Vice President, Players and Whole Home Product Management at Roku. “The Roku Smart Soundbar is a great value and makes it easier than ever to add incredible sound and powerful streaming to any TV. In addition, if you want heart-pounding bass you can easily add that too.”

The Roku Smart Soundbar is powered by the Roku OS. The device offers four premium drivers, and features an Automatic Volume Leveling function that provides uniform audio levels across various types of content, including those terrible loud commercials between your shows. There’s also a Night mode that lowers the volume for louder scenes and boosts it for quieter ones. The Speech Clarity function boosts voice frequencies to make the dialogue easier to hear and to understand, and automatic software updates will deliver new capabilities over time according to the company. The soundbar also works with Roku Connect, Dolby Audio, Bluetooth, supports HDMI ARC and Optical, and features Roku Search and Roku Voice.

The Roku Smart Soundbar works with Google Assistant and is compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices as well. The subwoofer features an easy wireless setup, and a sealed cabinet design with a powerful 10-inch driver. If you’re looking to upgrade your sound, or if you’re shopping for a new streaming platform for the new fall shows, you might want to keep Roku on your list. You can find the current list of Roku streaming options right here on Amazon.

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