Hulu’s “Into the Dark” series is launching “Into the Dark: Pure” next week, and fans of the show can watch the official trailer below. The video streaming service shared the trailer on social media, telling followers, “A seventeen year-old poster girl for her town’s purity movement is tormented by a supernatural presence, just as she fears her community will discover she has long had a secret boyfriend.”

The “Pure” storyline is the next installment of the Blumhouse anthology series, which returns with new episodes on September 6th. Fans of the show can watch the official trailer below.

“Into the Dark” collected a strong following over the past year, both in streaming numbers and on social media. Jason Blum produces the show through Blumhouse Television, and the first collection includes 12 episodes. The show releases a new installment each month, each one inspired by a holiday. A few of this year’s episodes include “The Body,” “Flesh & Blood,” “Pooka!,” “New Year, New You,” “Down,” “Treehouse,” “I’m Just F-cking With You,” “All That We Destroy,” “Culture Shock,” and “They Come Knocking.” We reported last week that the anthology series would continue on Hulu through 2020.

Other titles set to debut or return this fall include “Untouchable,” “Light as a Feather,” “Letterkenny: Season 7,” “Looking for Alaska,” and “Castle Rock: Season 2.” In November, “Dollface” airs on the platform, followed by “Reprisal” and “Marvel’s Runaways: Season 3” in December.

Hulu also announced that this season’s “Castle Rock” theme is inspired from Stephen King’s “Misery” story. The show features Lizzy Caplan, playing the role of a younger version of Annie Wilkes, the same character that Kathy Bates played in the 1990 thriller “Misery.” In that film, Wilkes was an obsessed fan of author Paul Sheldon, played by James Caan, who finds him after an accident and refuses to let him leave.

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