If you cut the cord and are looking for ways to stream the upcoming NFL games this season, Prime Video should be one of your bookmarks. Amazon is once again hosting Thursday Night Football games right here on Prime Video, starting with the Eagles and Packers on September 26th.

After the Eagles game, Prime Members will be able to stream the Rams and Seahawks on October 3rd; the Giants and Patriots on October 10th; the Chiefs and Broncos on October 17th; the Redskins and Vikings on October 24th, and the 49rs and Cardinals on October 31st.

In November, you can stream the Chargers and Raiders on November 7th; the Steelers and Browns on November 14th; and the Colts and Texans on November 21st. The December scheduled includes the Cowboys and Bears on December 5th, and the Jets and Ravens on December 12th.

That’s eleven Thursday Night Football games that you can stream online this year. If you didn’t test out Prime Video last year, the connection is pretty rock solid. If you’re out and away from the TV that night (and have a stellar data plan) you can stream the game on any device that supports the Prime Video app. This is the third year that Amazon is streaming NFL games, connecting over 200+ countries. The games are available to watch globally on Amazon’s Twitch channel. In addition, award-winning broadcasters Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer will return to provide their unique commentary and analysis, available exclusively on the Prime Video platform.

If you cut the cord but still have a TV, another option is using a Digital TV Antenna for the Over The Air broadcasts. This model on Amazon is the #1 best-seller and ships for $29. The device also works with the Amazon Fire TV Stick and supports 4K and 1080p (when broadcasted in that format) and has the newest generation smart IC chip.

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