Netflix is working on a sequel to the inspirational Gymnastics movie “Full Out.” Filming on the project is currently underway at the University of Oklahoma (OU) and other locations in the City of Norman. The movie is going by the name “Full Out 2”.

Based on the true story of the OU Women’s Gymnastics Team, “Full Out 2” centers on the challenges faced by the athletic group when their all-star gymnast leaves the team just as they are on the cusp of securing their second win at the National Gymnastic Championship.

As we mentioned earlier, the project is a succession to the popular film “Full Out”, and like its predecessor, will be released on Netflix when it is completed. Jeff Deverett of Deverett Film OK, LLC, is the film’s Producer/Director and Gravitas Ventures has secured worldwide distribution rights.

“So far, it’s been fantastic shooting in Oklahoma,” said Producer/Director Deverett. “The locations and crew are great. The University of Oklahoma has been super cooperative and has exceeded our expectations.”

“We are delighted at this opportunity to showcase our incredible women’s gymnastics program and this beautiful university. Exposure of this kind is rare, but everything about OU, from the team to the campus, lends itself well to a movie production,” said Kenny Mossman, Sr. Associate Athletics Director for the University of Oklahoma. “It has been gratifying to hear the production company raving about its experience in Oklahoma and about the prospects of making movies here. The gymnastics program that head coach KJ Kindler has built gave us the profile to earn this kind of project, and we are thrilled about the impact that it can make for OU across the country and worldwide.” 

“OF+MO is grateful to the University of Oklahoma for opening their doors in welcoming these filmmakers to tell this homegrown story in our state,” said OF+MO Director Tava Maloy Sofsky. “To have a film of this nature shine a light on Oklahoma’s athletic, dance and educational programs is very special. We look forward to the visibility and platform this film will provide all involved including our local cast and crew, athletes, dancers, locations and more.”  

The movie took advantage of the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program, which made funding possible for the sequel.

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