With Ninja moving to Microsoft’s Mixer service, Twitch is looking for the next big streamer to replace him. The company is making it a little easier for newcomers to reach superstardom with a new update, releasing a desktop app that will get you setup and streaming in just a few moments.

Previously, Twitch relied on third-party platforms and software to capture video and upload it to Twitch. Customers could use a PS4, Xbox One, or NVIDIA’s Shadowplay to send their videos to Twitch, but now you can do it without third-party connections on the PC.

With a post on the Twitch blog, the company stated, “Streamers are at the core of every community on Twitch. When new streamers want to go live for the first time and start sharing their passions with the world, they should be able to do so with our full support. From setting up your stream to building your community, we saw an opportunity to simplify things for streamers who are just getting started.”

The company added, “Today we’ve opened up beta testing for Twitch Studio: an all-in-one streaming app for new streamers that cuts down on the guesswork to setup a quality stream and makes it easier to engage with your community.”

The name is similar to YouTube Studio, the online platform that YouTube creators use to organize and edit their uploads. The new app walks everyone through mic and webcam setup, and there are customizable templates that allow streamers to add a bit of personality to their channels. The new platform also features activity feeds, alerts, and chat functions. The process is still in beta testing, according to the company. Twitch added, “To make sure it’s just right, we’re releasing a beta with limited features to a group of streamers to give it a spin, report any bugs, and share their feedback.”

You can sign up on Twitch, and get on the waiting list.

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