Amazon has already released several teasers and character reveals for “Carnival Row,” but today the studio released an official trailer. The company already renewed the show for a second season, and both Orlando Bloom (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) and Cara Delevingne (“Suicide Squad”) are expected to return. Fans of the genre can watch the new video below, and add the show to their watchlist to be notified of the season premiere.

“Carnival Row” is a one-hour fantasy drama. The story is set in a Victorian fantasy world filled with mythological immigrant creatures whose exotic homelands were invaded by the empires of man. The growing immigrant population struggles to coexist with humans, and they are forbidden to live, love, or fly with freedom. Meanwhile, a human detective, Rycroft Philostrate (Bloom), and a refugee faerie named Vignette Stonemoss (Delevingne) rekindle a dangerous affair despite an increasingly intolerant society. Things pick up when we learn Vignette harbors a secret that endangers Philo’s world during his most important case yet: a string of gruesome murders threatening the uneasy peace of the Row.

If you’re a fan of the genre, you can find the series right here on Prime.

Joining Bloom and Delevingne, the series also stars Simon McBurney (“The Borgias”) as Runyan Millworthy, an eccentric traveling showman who leads a troupe of strange creatures called kobolds back to the city where he began his once proud, now fading career, David Gyasi (“Interstellar”) as Agreus, a mysteriously wealthy faun who moves into an affluent human neighborhood in defiance of the social order, Tamzin Merchant (“Salem”) as Imogen Spurnrose, a young woman who sees in Agreus an opportunity to turn her aristocratic family’s fading fortunes around, Andrew Gower (“Outlander”) as Ezra Spurnrose, the neurotic son of a prosperous watchmaker, who’s lately gambled his deceased father’s fortune on the considerably more risky enterprise of ferrying migrant workers from the fae homelands, Karla Crome (“Under the Dome”) as Tourmaline, a quick-witted faerie poet driven from her war-torn homeland, Arty Froushan (“Knightfall”) as Jonah Breakspear, a compulsive playboy whose carousing in the brothels of Carnival Row threatens to destroy his father’s political legacy, Caroline Ford (“Once Upon A Time”) as Sophie Longerbane, a ceaselessly clever and mysterious young noblewoman who’s grown up sequestered away by her tyrannical father, Indira Varma (“Game of Thrones”) as Piety Breakspear, the regal and cunning matriarch of the powerful family that rules the city of The Burgue, and Jared Harris (“Chernobyl”) as Absalom Breakspear, the imperious and secretive Chancellor of the Burgue, besieged by political enemies from all sides.

The series is set to debut on Labor Day weekend.

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