The popular streaming celebrity Ninja is moving to newer pastures. Ninja, or Tyler Blevins, made a name for himself by dominating opponents and streaming hours upon hours of Fortnite. Up until today, Blevins had one of the largest subscription counts on Twitch, but he broke the news that he is leaving Twitch and is streaming exclusively on Mixer.

The announcement came with a video, which you can see below, where Blevins told his fans, “I’ve decided to start streaming exclusively on Mixer. As of today, you can follow my stream on”

Microsoft owns Mixer, and the streaming service lags behind YouTube and Twitch in overall popularity and exclusives. The service initially hit the market as Beam in 2016, until Microsoft gave it an upgrade with new branding the following year. The service doesn’t lack any of the main features that YouTube or Twitch offers, but it’s newer and seems to have a smaller viewing audience when compared to the big two.

The announcement appears to be tied to Ninja finishing his tour during the first Fortnite World Cup Finals right here in New York City. Those just ended, and Blevins competed in two tournaments and even joined in as a commentator on some of the matches during the event.

Signing Ninja to an exclusivity deal is a terrific win for Mixer, but it probably won’t hurt Twitch in the long run. Celebrity streamers are still a relatively new market, and we don’t know the shelf life of the genre. One thing is certain; there’s always a new streamer hoping to replace Ninja at the top, so the empty throne at Twitch will only encourage more streamers to get onto the platform and steal the crown.

Fans can still watch Ninja play just as they did before, but they have to find him at, and today they can subscribe for free.

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