John Wick returns to the digital market in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,” which releases on digital on August 23rd followed by the 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand versions on September 10th. The movie was a hit with viewers, currently sitting with 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics, and an audience score of 87%. The summer TV schedule is slowing to a crawl next month, so it will be nice to have a new release ready at the end of August right before the Fall lineups return.

You can order the digital version right here on iTunes and Prime Video and have it ready for release day. If you would like the retail version, you can find it right here on Amazon.

The new installment did well in theaters, opening at number-one with a $56.8M weekend. The third film in the franchise made over $318.9M worldwide and stars Keanu Reeves, Oscar winner Halle Berry, Oscar nominee Laurence Fishburne, Marc Dacascos, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick, Oscar winner Anjelica Huston, and Golden Globe winner Ian McShane.

The first film in the franchise, directed by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, had a $14M opening in 2014 and went on to make over $88M for the studio. The success of the film prompted the studio to make “John Wick 2” in 2017. Chad Stahelski returned to direct the movie, with David Leitch writing the story. The sequel made $30.4M on opening weekend and grossed over $171.5M worldwide. Chad Stahelski returned for the third installment in 2019.

The story follows John Wick (Keanu Reeves) after a $14M bounty is put on his head for killing a member of the High Table, the shadowy international assassins’ guild. Now excommunicado, and with an army of the world’s most ruthless hit men and women on his trail, John must find a way to survive in this third chapter of the adrenaline-fueled action series.

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