FX renewed “Archer” for an eleventh season, and fans can rest assured that more Archer adventures are coming next year. Select members of the cast and crew attended a panel at comic-con this weekend to celebrate the show’s 10th season and to promote the upcoming season finale. The cast confirmed the new season during the event.

H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates attended the panel this year, with executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis. The show is currently in season ten, with Archer and his team playing space cowboys aboard the M/V Seamus salvage ship. The season is called “Archer: 1999,” with nods to films like “Alien,” “The Abyss,” and “2001 A Space Odyssey.”

The panel offered an exclusive sneak peek at the season 10 penultimate episode and offered a Q&A with the voice cast. Fans have a long wait before the start of Season 11, which is currently scheduled to debut on FXX in 2020.

Ever since Archer fell into a coma, the show has been reinventing itself from season to season. The first seven seasons featured regular Archer, international spy and bachelor, and season 8 featured Archer in a neo-noir setting as a private eye in 1940s Los Angeles. The following season Archer played a drunken seaplane pilot in the Pacific Islands, and season 10 has him playing the role of a smuggler, captain, bounty hunter, and space cowboy.

In a change of pace, executive producer Casey Willis stated that Archer would wake up from his coma in Season 11. We don’t have a title for the new season, and we will have to wait a few more months before getting a firm premiere date. We don’t know if Archer wakes up from the coma at the beginning of the season, towards the middle, or at the end, but it seems like the team would keep it a secret if it was towards the end of the season.

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