The new Petcube Bites 2, and the Petcube Play 2 are now available exclusively on Amazon. The smart cameras allow pet parents to watch, talk and interact with their pets remotely, and the devices feature Alexa support, home monitoring, and smart notifications. Both products are launching at $199 during Amazon’s Prime Day event, and are available right here on Amazon.

The new Petcube devices feature Amazon Alexa, and they can play music, get news updates, order food, and offer the same conveniences as other Alexa speakers. Voice assistant functionality is optional, and every user decides whether they’d like to enable it.

The Bites 2 and Play 2 also offer improved video and audio quality, as well as upgraded mechanisms for treat dispensing and laser play, and 5 GHz Wi-Fi support. For advanced speech recognition, both devices feature 4-microphone array beamforming, echo cancellation, and noise suppression sourced from Meeami Technologies (ClearVoice). The company stated that support for Siri and Google Assistant might appear in a future software update, but no confirmation is available at this time.

Both new cameras are the first pet cameras with an ultra-wide angle, up to 180º-horizontal and 180º-vertical lens, which allows having a full-room view of your pet’s activities. The company stated that at the time of the launch, the viewing angle is limited to 160º. Users will receive a software update in 2019 to update PTZ feature in all devices allowing digital repositioning of the camera to pan left and right, and option to tilt up and down. Both the Petcube Bites 2 and Play 2 feature 1080p HD live streaming video, two-way audio, and night vision. The Play product line features a built-in laser pointer to play and exercise your cat or dog remotely.

In the Petcube Play 2, the laser toy has been re-engineered to move much smoother and with greater precision. The Bites products feature a treat dispenser instead of the laser to fling treats varying distances and reward your pet for their activity. Petcube Bites 2 is also more compact, while an updated treat flinging mechanism supports a wider selection of treat sizes, allows for better portion control, and works faster and quieter than before.

Every Bites 2 comes with a high-capacity container that holds up to 1.5 lbs of supplies and a complimentary bag of Wellness treats. Both new cameras have dedicated Alexa Skills, so Petcube users can ask Alexa to fling treats, play with their pet, or set the autoplay mode.

“Petcube products are perfect assistants for busy pet parents,” says Yaroslav Azynyuk, CEO and co-founder of Petcube. “Our mission is to connect pets to the Internet and give them a voice. These new products are smartphones for pets, robotic nannies, powered by cutting-edge AI technology. And with features like 180º Digital-PTZ and Alexa built-in, they are simply some of the best home cameras available, period. That’s how the future of Pet Care looks like.”

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