If there’s one thing nerds love above all else, it’s ‘Um Actually,’ the game show that encourages guests to prove their intellectual superiority. Part of CollegeHumor’s expansion into original subscription-based content, the show is hosted by Mike Trapp, and is available through DroupOut. A new season is on the way, and the show is switching up the style with celebrity guests, themes, and music.

To promote the show, DropOut offers a ten-minute preview of each episode on the company’s YouTube channel, so it’s free to check out if you love nerd-culture and friendly competition. Just be sure to know your Frodos from Fingolfins, and your Flash from Flash Gordon. You can preview the service right here on dropout.tv.

Season two of the series is set to debut on July 20th, with a new episode releasing each Saturday through September 21st. Once again the show is hosted by its creator Mike Trapp, who asks a panel of guests to correct false statements on a variety of pop culture topics. The questions range in difficulty and cover everything from games, movies, comics, TV shows, and more. According to the company, Trapp has expanded the scope of topics and the new season will include themed episodes focusing on areas such as musical theatre, horror and classic television, and the usual “geek topics.”

“Our fans are helping us get better and better every year,” Trapp said. “We have fan-submitted questions in almost every episode, and we’ve included new topics and themed episodes that were specifically requested by our viewers. I can’t wait to share this new season with the world.”

“Um, Actually” season two will again feature guests from College Humor’s in-house talent, as well as celebrity guest contestants such as Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), among others. If I had my way, every episode would include Siobhan Thompson, who is just delightfully funny.

Sam Reich, DroupOut Chief Creative Officer, talked about the show in a statement saying, “The response to Um, Actually has been nothing short of amazing. Nothing brings an army of superfans to the table quite like getting something wrong.”

Um, Actually is executive produced by Sam Reich, Mike Trapp, and David Cyr Kerns. “Um, Actually” season one is also available for streaming on College Humor’s DROPOUT. It’s always worth a preview, and you can keep all the shiny questions for yourself.

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