Logitech introduced two new headsets designed for the company’s Logitech G brand. Customers can choose between the Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset and the Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset. Designed with top esports athletes, the newest additions to the Logitech G PRO lineup combines comfort and durability with high performing sound and voice technology.

The PRO X is the first Logitech option to offer Blue VO!CE software, developed in partnership with the industry-leading microphone expertise of Blue Microphones. Logitech acquired the Blue brand in 2018, and now the headsets are reaping the rewards. While using the Logitech G HUB advanced gaming software, Blue VO!CE is a suite of real-time microphone effects that enables clean, professional voice communication. The result allows you to tune your voice based on your individual preferences, so teammates can hear you better, or you can sound like a professional streamer.

Right out of the box, players can use the Blue VO!CE integrated recording and playback function to quickly select a preset filter profile and see which one sounds right for their voice’s unique tone and volume. Users interested in another level of customization can use Blue VO!CE’s advanced mode, which offers a full set of pro-grade effects including a compressor, de-esser, and de-popper.

“Whether practicing, streaming or stomping the competition with some friends, clear communication is the foundation of great teamwork,” said John Maier, president of Blue Microphones. “With this first introduction of Blue VO!CE for Logitech G Pro X, we’re able to help gamers set up incredibly clean, professional communications with only a couple of clicks – so they can be confident they always sound their best.”

Logitech stated that the new gaming headsets were developed from the ground up to be comfortable enough to be worn for hours, while maintaining their high durability. This lightweight design is constructed from aluminum and steel and features soft memory foam earpads, and a premium leatherette-wrapped headband. An extra set of velour-covered earpads is included with the PRO X.

“Designing products with professional esports athletes ensures that our gear has everything you need to help you perform your best in game,” said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming. “For our new PRO Series gaming headsets, we collaborated with esports players from around the world to help us design a gaming headset that lets you hear and sound like a pro.”

Compatible with PC and mobile devices, the PRO X and PRO gaming headsets feature Logitech G’s exclusive Pro-G 50mm Audio driver. The PRO X additionally offers DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound that simulates the 3D environment of the audio’s original mixing stage.

If you’re in the market, you can find the collection of Logitech G accessories right here on Amazon.

The Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset and the Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset are expected to be available on LogitechG.com and at global retailers in July 2019 for suggested retail prices of $129.99 and $99.99, respectively.