The CW shared its fall premiere schedule this week, pairing off the DC superheroes and the YA dramas throughout the week. The Fall 2019 primetime schedule starts in October, and the dates were announced by Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW Network.

Starting off the month on the CW is the two-night “iHeartRadio Music Festival,” beginning on October 2nd. On October 6th fans can watch the series premiere of “Batwoman” at 8 pm followed by the season five premiere of “Supergirl.” The following night is the season two premiere of “All American.”

On October 8th DC fans can catch the season six premiere of “The Flash.” The following night on October 9th, the CW hosts the season four premiere of “Riverdale” and the series premiere of “Nancy Drew.”

The fifteenth and final season of “Supernatural” begins on October 10th, followed by the season two premiere of “Legacies.” The network turns up the drama on October 11th for the season two premiere of “Charmed” and the season three premiere of “Dynasty.”

Arrow” returns for its season premiere on October 15th, followed by the season premiere of “Black Lightning” on October 21st.

“Batwoman” picks up with Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) three years after Batman mysteriously disappeared. Gotham is a city in despair and the Gotham City Police Department is overrun and outgunned by criminal gangs. Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) and his Crows Private Security, now protects the city with omnipresent firepower and militia.

Years before, Jacob’s first wife and daughter were killed in the crossfire of Gotham crime. He sent his only surviving daughter, Kate Kane, away from Gotham for her safety. After a dishonorable discharge from military school and years of survival training, Kate returns home. When Kate returns home, the Alice in Wonderland gang targets her father and his security firm, by kidnapping his best Crow officer Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy). Although remarried to wealthy socialite Catherine Hamilton-Kane (Elizabeth Anweis), who bankrolls the Crows, Jacob is still struggling with the family he lost, while keeping Kate –– the daughter he still has –– at a distance.

In order to help her family and her city, Batwoman has to become the one thing her father loathes –– a dark knight vigilante. With the help of her stepsister, Mary (Nicole Kang), and Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), the son of Wayne Enterprises’ tech guru Lucius Fox, Kate Kane continues the legacy of her missing cousin, Bruce Wayne, as Batwoman. Still holding a flame for her ex-girlfriend, Sophie, Kate uses everything in her power to combat the dark machinations of the psychotic Alice (Rachel Skarsten), who’s always somewhere slipping between sane and insane.

The “Nancy Drew” series finds the titular teenage detective (Kennedy McMann) in her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine, following her mother’s untimely death. Devastated by her mother’s passing, Nancy swears off crime-solving while crossing off the days until she can re-apply to college. Then, a socialite is murdered, and Nancy finds herself a prime suspect in the crime, along with a group of other teens present at the scene. Nancy’s reawakening brings her into conflict with her widowed father, Carson Drew (Scott Wolf), who is dating Detective Karen Hart (Alvina August). When a supernatural presence begins to haunt Nancy’s investigation, she discovers that the current crime has an astonishing connection to the unsolved murder of a local girl.

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