Square Enix’s long-awaited “Final Fantasy VII Remake” now has a release date. The publisher announced over the E3 2019 weekend that the updated title is releasing first on the PS4 on March 3, 2020. Fans on other platforms will have to wait a little longer to play the game it seems, but more information on those release dates should be confirmed by the end of the day.

Fans of the franchise can order the game on Amazon and have it ready for release day.

The official announcement came during the “Final Fantasy VII: A Symphonic Reunion” orchestra concert in Los Angeles. The company also released a new trailer to get fans excited for the big release, and you can watch that video below. Along with some teasing visuals, the big reveal in the trailer is the PS4 release date.

Rebuilding and expanding upon the legendary RPG for today, the “Final Fantasy XII Remake” is the story of a world fallen under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a shadowy corporation controlling the planet’s very life force as mako energy. In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic adventures that await him.

Square Enix promised more information on the highly-anticipated release, which was first teased four years ago, during the company’s big E3 2019 live event on June 10th at 9 PM EST. Fans can stream the event from the platform of their choice from the company’s website.

Since the release of FINAL FANTASY in 1987, the unique RPG series shipped over 144M units worldwide, and lives on in games like “Final Fantasy XIV Online” and “Final Fantasy XV.”

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