The long awaited “Uncharted” adaptation is almost ready to begin production. After several replacements, in both directors and lead actors, the movie will star Tom Holland with director Dan Trachtenberg. Sony Pictures also set dates for a new Kevin Hart comedy; a sequel to “Escape Room;” and Camila Cabello’s “Cinderella” tale.

Sony Pictures set aside December 18th, 2020 for the Uncharted movie. Fans might know Dan Trachtenberg from his work on the action thriller “10 Cloverfield Lane.” Shawn Levy was the original director for Uncharted, but scheduling conflicts forced him to leave the project. According to multiple reports, Trachtenberg will also work on a new draft of the script, which was written by Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker. The original screenplay, from several years ago, was written by Joe Carnahan. At one time, Mark Wahlberg had been cast in the role, but Sony Pictures is going with Holland. Sony Pictures and Holland have a pretty great relationship at the box office, as Holland stars in Sony Pictures’ “Spider-Man” films.

The Uncharted movie is an adaptation of the popular video game franchise. The games follow the roguish Nathan Drake and his pals. The treasure hunter is always working towards his next big score and the fortune and fame that come along with it.

As we mentioned earlier, the studio also set a date for Kay Cannon’s “Cinderella.” That adaptation has Camila Cabello in the starring role. Fans of Cabello can see that movie on February 5, 2021. Other dates include Kevin Hart’s “Fatherhood” on March 3, 2020, and “Escape Room 2” on August 14, 2020.

The original “Escape Room” released back in January. Directed by Adam Robitel and featuring Deborah Ann Woll and Tyler Labine, the thriller opened in second-place behind “Aquaman’s” third week in theaters. The film managed to make $18M on its domestic debut and went on to make over $155M worldwide on a $9M budget.

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