Written and directed by Wayne Roberts, “Katie Says Goodbye” released a new trailer on Wednesday morning. The upcoming drama hits theaters this summer and features Olivia Cooke, Mireille Enos, Mary Steenburgen, Jim Belushi, Nate Corddry, Chris Lowell, Natasha Bassett, and Christopher Abbott.

The story follows optimistic young Katie, who dreams of leaving her Arizona trailer park to live in San Francisco. Working in a small town diner, Katie turns to prostitution, picking up the regulars from her work. As Katie starts to save enough to leave, she meets a young ex-convict named Bruno. The duo quickly falls in love, much to the dismay of Bruno’s coworkers at the local auto body shop. The studio teased the story adding, “As Katie’s relationship with Bruno develops, the delicate harmony of their small town slowly begins to fall into disarray.”

The studio continued, “The lost and wayward individuals that surround Katie slowly begin to take advantage of her innate kindness. Things quickly spiral out of control and Katie is faced with a number of extreme challenges and setbacks. Katie’s perseverance and ever-present optimism are threatened as she attempts to overcome the new hardships.”

Fans of the young actor can watch the official trailer below.

“Katie Says Goodbye” releases in theaters on June 7th and will be available the same day on VOD. The film is opening against “Dark Phoenix,” “Mindy Kaling’s comedy “Late Night,” and the animated comedy “The Secret Life of Pets 2.” Moviegoers will want to check local listings to see if “Katie Says Goodbye” is screening at their local theater.

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