Blizzard’s popular Overwatch Anniversary is coming back next week. The special event is scheduled to begin on May 21st, bringing back game modes and skins of yesteryear. The anniversary celebrates Overwatch’s big debut back in May 2016, when a handful of heroes shot to the top of the charts and won over players around the world.

What makes the Overwatch Anniversary event different from other events that the game hosts throughout the year is the ability to unlock items from previous celebrations. If you missed out on a particular skin, emote, celebratory stance, or tag, you have a shot at grabbing it in a loot box. There’s also a chance that brand-new skins and items will be added to the mix, allowing players to pick up some new customized goodies for their favorite heroes.

Blizzard confirmed the start of the Overwatch Anniversary Event on social media, telling followers, “Let’s get this party started! The Overwatch Anniversary celebration begins on May 21!”. The publisher stopped short of announcing any other details at this time, but the developers will most likely release a few more teasers and videos over the upcoming holiday weekend.

This year’s Overwatch League Grand Finals are taking place at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on September 29th. That event has the last two qualifying teams competing for the league championship trophy and a share of the $1.7M prize pool. The winner gets $1.1M, and the runner-up wins $600K.

If you won’t be in Philly on that day, you can stream the event live on Twitch and watch it in the U.S. on ABC at 3 pm. The livestream is also available on the ESPN app,, and the Overwatch League app.If you enjoy the game you should give it a try. While the short break between matches is usually filled with fluff, the matches are very entertaining.

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