Amazon introduced the all-new Blink XT2 outdoor/indoor security cameras this week. The new models are battery-powered, wireless, Alexa enabled, capture video in 1080p HD, and now include two-way talk. Amazon stated that the new XT2 models also include a new chip technology, which allows extended battery life and enhanced motion detection. Surprisingly, the new Blink XT2 line will cost 25% less than the original Blink XT, and will start at $89. The new XT2s also come with free cloud storage, and no monthly fees.

The new Blink XT2 models are now available to order, and you can find them right here on Amazon. Customers can also bundle the Blink XT2 with a Blink Sync Module for $99.

The Blink XT2’s extended battery life now offers up two years of battery power with just two AA lithium batteries. When used exclusively for motion-activated recording or Live View, Blink XT2 provides double the usage of the original Blink XT on a single set of batteries. Amazon stated that customers can also use two-way talk and still get the same two-year battery life from the device.

The new model also comes with enhanced motion detection, including micro-activity zones to more precisely customize motion detection and reduce false motion alerts. Blink XT2 is wire-free, making it easy to install indoors or out for complete coverage in any home or apartment.

“We listened to our customers and delivered a product that not only improves existing standout features such as two-year battery life, but also adds new features like two-way talk and enhanced motion detection to further improve the product experience,” said Peter Besen, GM of Blink. “Starting at $89.99, the all-new Blink XT2 provides an affordable and high-performing option for customers seeking whole-home security and peace of mind.”

As for the two-way talk feature, Amazon hopes that it will provide an added level of security by allowing you to have conversations without opening your home. Owners can use the microphone talk button in the Blink app to greet guests or ask others to leave. Blink XT2 will also store your clips for free on the cloud, so you can review or share them whenever you want. Additionally, you can use the live view recording feature to capture and save any live streaming events you wish to review or share later.

As a bonus, Blink XT2 also works with Alexa for added convenience. Just say, “Alexa, show me the [camera name] to view your livestream on your Echo Spot, Echo Show, or Fire TV.

As we mentioned earlier, the new Blink XT2 starts at just $89 with free cloud storage and no contracts or monthly fees required. A Blink Sync Module is required to use Blink XT2. Customers without a Blink Sync Module can choose to purchase a Blink XT2 one-cam system with a Sync Module for $99, a two-cam system for $179, or a three-cam system for $249.

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