On Wednesday, Blizzard announced the new “Overwatch” game mode called the Overwatch Workshop. The new mode allows players, modders, and possible future game developers a chance to alter the Overwatch scripting code and create custom games and new scenarios. Now the Overwatch Workshop is available on the Player Test Realm (PTR) on PC, and anyone can start testing out the new functions.

Through the workshop, players can create scripts that alter the game’s rules and create new conditions on top of the established Overwatch game modes that are already available. You can alter hero abilities, change movement types, alter healing rates, or even control how damage is calculated.

Once you create the perfect game, like the Floor is Lava mode that the developers teased, you can get a custom link to share the mode and all of its settings with other players and friends.

The new mode will take some scripting knowledge, but you can alter pre-made scripts or just start plugging variables to get an idea of how games are made. If you do have some background with script-editing, you will want to use the in-game debugger called the Workshop Inspector to see how your code is working within the scenario.

Blizzard stated that the Workshop will be available to both PC and consoles games, and that shared custom games will work on either platform. The custom Workshop games will be playable through the Custom Game Browser in Overwatch.

To access Workshop on the PTR and start creating a script, while in game, click Play > Game Browser> Create > Settings > Workshop.

The Overwatch team is offering two new game modes created through Workshop to give players an idea of what’s possible.

The first is Molten Floor, which turns the map’s floor to lava, and Mirrored Deathmatch where players play the same character, but changing every minute, and the player with the most kills wins.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan shared his thoughts in an announcement video, which you can watch below.

Happy scripting!