Netflix released a first-look video for “What/If,” a new thriller coming to the platform starring Renée Zellweger. Netflix is calling the series a “neo-noir social thriller” that explores the ripple effects of what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things. This marks the first official teaser that Netflix has released for the new series, which is hitting the platform in the spring. More videos will most likely be released before the show premieres on Netflix in May, but you can see Zellweger in her devilish new role thanks to a quick upload to YouTube on Tuesday morning.

The first season of the Netflix original series focuses on a mysterious woman’s lucrative, but dubious offer to a cash-strapped pair of San Francisco newlyweds. The video streaming service first announced the series back in 2018, but now we have a premiere date along with the first-look teaser. Netflix ordered ten episodes of WHAT/IF for season one, which will become available to Netflix members worldwide on May 24, 2019.

The series stars Renée Zellweger (Cold Mountain, Jerry Maguire), along with Jane Levy (Castle Rock, Suburgatory), Blake Jenner (American Animals, Glee), Samantha Ware (Glee), Keith Powers (Famous in Love), Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), Juan Castano (Shades of Blue), John Clarence Stewart (Marvel’s Luke Cage) and Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters).

If you’re a fan of the thriller genre, you can watch the first-look video below which features a wonderfully different role for Zellweger.

Showrunner Mike Kelley also serves as an executive producer, along with Melissa Loy (Page Fright); Alex Gartner, Charles Roven (Atlas Entertainment); Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke (Compari Entertainment).

WHAT/IF is produced by Warner Bros. Television for Netflix. If you want to set a reminder, the show hits Netflix on May 24th.

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