Razer has a new capture card on the market, one that provides less strain on your platform while still providing great video for your viewers. The Razer Ripsaw HD is an external multi-platform video capture card with full HD capture and 4K throughput. The Ripsaw HD allows you to stream in full HD while you play at a higher resolution. That’s a win-win for all streamers. While the company is focusing on 4K, it also supports 1080p, 1440p, 720p, and 480p.

The Ripsaw HD captures uncompressed video in Full 1080p HD at 60 frames per second; it does this even if you’re playing on 4K 60FPS. This setup is ideal for streamers that want to enjoy their games at terrific settings, but don’t want to suffer through the CPU strain that capturing their native resolution requires. This is achieved through a 4K 60 FPS passthrough. It’s a great option for users that have older CPUs as well. While capturing and streaming full HD might be easier on a six-core or higher CPU, the strain it puts on a quad-core CPU could negatively effect your gameplay or stream quality. The Razer Ripsaw does the heavy lifting for your platform, while you sit back and enjoy the views.

You can find the card right here on Amazon. As you can imagine, they are quickly selling out but you can order one now and it will be sent the moment they stock up.

“With the Ripsaw HD joining our extensive Broadcaster range, streamers now have a capture card ready to broadcast the latest games at high resolution and framerates from both their PC or console,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “Viewers will love the Full HD streams, while broadcasters can enjoy their games as they were intended with the 4K pass-through.”

The Ripsaw HD is compatible with PC and consoles, featuring a simple HDMI input and output for video capture with a single USB 3.0 connection. Console gamers that use a PS4 or Xbox One X, with 4K capabilities, will most likely see the biggest benefits with this card, but PC users with 2K or 4K screens will also benefit.

With built-in audio mixing, streamers can broadcast both their game and microphone audio through the Ripsaw HD with zero latency and no synching delays. The microphone input allows streamers to use one microphone across two PCs, removing the need for complicated audio mixer or software set-ups and allowing streamers to use in-game comms whilst still broadcasting their voice audio to their stream.

The new model joins the Razer Kiyo, the first streamer-focused camera with built-in ring light, and the Seirẽn Elite, a broadcaster microphone with built-in noise limiter.