The new release from A24 is showing a lot of promise at the box office. “High Life” hit a handful of locations this weekend and took the top spot in theater averages on the box office charts. Directed by Claire Denis, the film features Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, Andre Benjamin, and Mia Goth and follows a father and daughter as they try to survive life in deep space. The film is one of several big projects that Pattinson has in the works, and just one of many thrillers that A24 has planned for fans of the genre.

“High Life” did well with fans and critics before its release. The thriller has an 89% rating on RottenTomatoes with an audience score of 61%. “High Life” hit the box office during a crowded weekend, debuting at the same time as “Shazam!,” “Pet Sematary,” and “The Best of Enemies.” A24’s new release crushed the specialty box office despite the competition, opening in four locations across the country and making over $100K for the studio. “Shazam!” and “Pet Sematary” also had notable openings this weekend, with “Shazam!” pulling in over $54M while “Pet Sematary” grossed over $25M.

In theater averages, “High Life” came out on top this week. The film made an average of $25K per location on its debut weekend. In comparison, “Shazam!” landed in second-place with a $12.6K average, and “Pet Sematary” made an average of $6,974 per location. The only new release to show signs of struggling was “The Best of Enemies,” which debuted in eight-place in averages with only $2,639 per location. With an estimated budget of $10M, “The Best of Enemies” has made about $4.5M back already, but the next few weeks will be crucial for the film’s success.

A24 may not extend “High Life” to a theater near you, but you can order the film on iTunes and Prime Video and have it ready for when it releases.

While Pattinson is expected to star in a secretive Christopher Nolan project in 2020, the actor has several projects lined up to release later this year. Robert Eggers’ fantasy horror-thriller “The Lighthouse” is expected to hit theaters in 2019, that film features Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. The actor is also expected to play the Dauphin of France in “The King” from director David Michôd, a bio-drama that also stars Ben Mendelsohn, Timothée Chalamet, Lily-Rose Depp, Joel Edgerton, Zoë Scott, and Sean Harris. Those aren’t the only projects in the works for the actor, Pattinson will appear in the adaptation of “Waiting for the Barbarians” with Johnny Depp, a film based on the novel by J.M. Coetzee and directed by Ciro Guerra. Fans of the actor should also keep “The Devil All the Time” on their radar, that film was directed by Antonio Campos and features Pattinson, Haley Bennett, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Bill Skarsgård, Jason Clarke, Riley Keough, and Mia Wasikowska.

Pattinson has worked with A24 several times in the past, the studio has an eclectic fanbase and excels in highly-stylized horror and sci-fi thrillers. That being said, A24 hasn’t shied away from the traditional drama from time to time, often times bringing in awards for directors and actors. In the traditional thriller category, the studio won over fans with “Hereditary,” “The Witch,” “First Reformed,” and “Ex Machina.” A24 is also the studio that brought you award-winning dramas like “Lady Bird,” “Moonlight,” and Brie Larson’s “Room.” While it’s rare, the studio also puts out a few comedies from time to time, like “The Disaster Artist,” “Spring Breakers,” and “Eighth Grade.”
A24 has two big projects in the works, a crime-thriller “Under the Silver Lake” with Riley Keough, Andrew Garfield, and Topher Grace; and Ari Aster’s thriller “Midsommar” with Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, and Will Poulter.

In “Under the Silver Lake,” a man meets a woman swimming in his pool at night, only to have her disappear the next morning. While looking for her, he finds a conspiracy that he quickly becomes entangled in. “Midsommar” is from the director that brought you “Hereditary” and follows a woman and her boyfriend as they go on a summer trip.

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