Snap is hoping to break into the world of mobile games with Snap Games, an all-new real-time multiplayer gaming platform. Snap Games will feature original and third-party games and already includes titles from Game Closure, PikPok, Spry Fox, Zeptolab, and Zynga.

New games launched this week and the company stated that new made-for-Snapchat games would start rolling out over the next few weeks.

Bitmoji Party, from Snap Inc, is the company’s first-party IP for Snap Games. The game allows you and your friends, brought to life in 3D as your Bitmojis, to compete in mini-games like Pool Party, Kick Off, Spin Session, and Zombie Escape.

Spry Fox developed Alphabear Hustle, a fast-paced cooperative word game. Players can work together to spell words, collect cute bears, and build their own personal bear village. There’s also C.A.T.S. (or Crash Arena Turbo Stars) from ZeptoLab. C.A.T.S. is a multiplayer racing game that invites up to 6 players to use boosters scattered along the track to race faster or slow down opponents.

Snake Squad is from Game Closure and is a multiplayer battle-royale game. Choose your favorite avatar to go into battle and guide your snake around the battlefield with your squad to grow larger and eliminate your competition.

Zynga’s first game is Tiny Royale, a top-down battle royale game. Squad up with friends or go solo during quick 2-minute rounds to loot and shoot your way to victory until only one player—or team—remains.

The game Zombie Rescue Squad, from PikPok, allows players to team up with fellow Rescue Squad friends to enter the front lines of the zombie apocalypse. Rescue survivors from the hungry hordes and gather as many supplies as you can.

Snapchatters can dive into gameplay right from Chat. It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that Snap Games will include monetization, but right now the games are free. The platform will launch with video advertising featuring Snap’s non-skippable, six-second Commercials.

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