Netflix has a new first-look trailer for “The Society,” a mysterious new thriller series coming to subscribers later this summer. The new show is launching on May 10th and the first season will have ten, one-hour episodes.

Filmed just outside of Boston, the show stars Rachel Keller (Cassandra), Kathryn Newton (Allie), Alex Fitzalan (Harry), Kristine Froseth (Kelly), Jacques Colimon (Will), Sean Berdy (Sam), Toby Wallace (Campbell), Gideon Adlon (Becca), Olivia DeJonge (Elle), Alex MacNicoll (Luke), Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena), Jose Julian (Gordie), Salena Qureshi (Bean), Jack Mulhern (Grizz), and Grace Victoria Cox (Lexie).

According to Netflix, “The Society” follows a group of teenagers who are mysteriously transported to a facsimile of their wealthy New England town without any trace of their parents. The company describes the story adding, “Their newfound freedom will be fun… but it will also be very dangerous. As they struggle to figure out what has happened to them and how to get home, they must establish order and form alliances if they want to survive.”

Chris Keyser served as showrunner on the new series, with Marc Webb and Chris Keyser serving as executive producers.

Horror movies and thrillers have been killing the summer box office over the past few years, so it makes sense that Netflix will be launching a new thriller series to compete with the upcoming releases. “The Society” will also give Netflix subscribers something new to stream while they countdown the days until “Stranger Things 3” hits the service. If you haven’t set a reminder for that show, “Stranger Things 3” is releasing on July 4th, just in time for some holiday binge-watching during the fireworks. If you missed the trailer for the third installment, you can find that video right here.

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