Activision is offering free access to “Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout,” the publisher’s newly updated Battle Royale mode. Starting today, and running through April 30th, anyone can jump into “Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout” on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Much more than a free trial weekend, players can fly into the maps and squad up with their friends throughout the month of April.

The test isn’t a watered down version of the game, players will be able to jump into the same action as everyone else during the free trial. Anyone that takes part in the free trial will get the original Blackout map and new Alcatraz map that just was released. The Alcatraz map is currently live on PS4, the other platforms will have to wait a little longer.

During the free access window, fans will be match-made with all Blackout players, and they will be able to play in solos, duos, and quads. It’s nice to know that players won’t be quarantined from the regular player-base, but that also means that there will be a learning curve when you start out. If you decide that you like the game and want to buy it, you won’t lose your progress. Activision stated that “all progression made will be saved and transferred if players choose to upgrade to a full version of the game.” So get in there and start pilling up that kill count.

To get fans excited for the new map, and to announce the free trial weekend, Activision also released a new promotional trailer for the game. Fans of the franchise can watch that video below.

You have an entire month to test out the game, which is even better if you know someone that already plays. If not, there are plenty of players online that currently looking to expand their squad.

Want another trailer? You can find more Game Trailers to watch.

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